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Dog Whisperer Poole & Bournemouth solves all canine behavioural problems. If your dog does it; I've seen and cured it before! Home visits! 35+ years experience in all aspects of canine activities and canine issues. Help with rehabilitating rescue dogs & puppies. Advice on correct nutrition and grooming issues also. Also do One to One puppy training in your home. Testimonials available. I have public liability insurance.

Dog Whisperer Poole & Bournemouth
53 Dacombe Drive
BH16 5JJ

Areas Served: Poole, Bournemouth, Creekmoor, Upton, Wimborne, Corfe Mullen, Bere Regis, Wareham, Boscombe, Southbourne, Christchurch, Mudeford, Highcliffe, New Milton,

Services Offered: Behavioural training, rehabilitation training, puppy training.

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    Caroline on 24 Jan 2011
    Very few people surprise you in such a way as this one! She is quite incredible. My rescue border collie was a complete nightmare in many situations. He barked madly at the floor, was hysterical at the computer printer and chased cars, nipping you if your legs happened to be between him and a car. With very bruised legs, I was at the end of my tether. I almost had to give up but decided to give him one last chance. Marcelle has changed our lives. She changed his diet and with careful instructions which I had to follow to the letter, my 10 year old can now walk him down the road and he walks calmly and respectfully into the other room to avoid the printer! No crazy barking at the floor either. He does bark at the birds in the garden, but I guess you have to allow him some pleasures in life! I can honestly say that thanks to Marcelle, he is now a really lovely dog and we adore him.
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    Maddy on 17 Jan 2011
    I recently have had training with Marcelle and couldn't rate her high enough! Due to her encouragement, advice, training and dietary Info I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel for my nightmare doggies! I couldn't have asked for more! it's me she's trained really, and just proves if you follow her fantastic advice then changes can be made! I agree with other review, negative feedback about this trainer just means some people aren't willing to change themselves so easier to blame others!! Thanks for everything Marcelle, I will continue to recommend you to family and friends so you can make a difference for them too!
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    Jane & Kath on 13 Jan 2011
    We have a young show dog that we were going to give up taking to shows as she was so bad to travel. We contacted Marcelle as she had successfully given us previous help with our dogs and their diet. After all the advice and help we received we now travel with our dog as far as Scotland, and she is the top puppy in our breed. We are so grateful for all the help and advice we have received and we wouldnt hesitate to contact Marcelle for any doggie issuses. Thank you Marcelle for helping to turn our puppy into a wonderful companion and show dog.
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    Julie on 07 Jan 2011
    Dorset Dog Rescue has been going a few years now and Marcelle has been an invaluable asset to us as a rescue she has been there 24/7 for us. I see someone has put a negative comment and unfortunatly some people want magic cures but are not prepared to put the time and effort in to help, Marcelle has seen over 100 of my dogs and I have had the best feedback and would not use any other trainer I have used the rest who have online diplomas in dog training ect ect but I prefer someone who has had 20 years plus hands on experience and knows what they are doing as the rest over the years have just failed and give up. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you would like to hear of some of the cases Marcelle has fixed for us.
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    Leasa Didcott on 05 Jan 2011
    I'm speachless! i've just had the most amazing afternoon of my life.The Poole and Bournemouth dog whisperer has saved my family from going nuts! Nugget was a rescue border collie who had taken control of us, the house, the garden and the gates.Never had a dog before so didn't realise what was involved.Marcelle King is a magician.By the end of the day she had taught me everything i needed to know and Nugget was a different dog.I can't praise her enough.So professional yet friendly and funny too.As for the cost? I would have paid 4 times her fee.Also i can phone her anytime if anything else needs sorting and she's happy to help.I don't know anywhere else that provides that service!! I'm forever in her debt.
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    Louise Biggs on 05 Jan 2011
    marcelle was my life saver. when she can to me i was very down with 3 dogs all with very different problems (all rescue). my main issue was my terrier he was quite aggresive and now following marcelle's insturctions he is doing very well. with my other 2 marcelle gave me the insturctions i needed to achieve the goals i had for them in mind for them. now they are both doing great,they are caring canines and doing very good work. i now consider marcelle ot just the support when i need it still but she is a friend x
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    E Griffen on 05 Jan 2011
    Our rescued pointer is a beautiful boy but, we have needed a lot of help, he would either pull like crazy or lay on the pavement and not move at all, this was just one of his idiosyncrasies. The Dog Whisperer has supported us three times in person and countless times on the telephone offering us help and advice. We have had to try different approaches to different problems but, she has done 'exactly what it says on the tin' for us. We were given guidelines (rules) and have to the best of our abilities followed them. Six months on from her first visit we are still in contact and our lovely boy is coming on in leaps and bounds and its largely thanks to the support and endless knowledge and dedication of Marcelle. Thank you :-)) I have recommended her services and would again.
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    Mr & Mrs Young on 05 Jan 2011
    Ronnie is a 16 month old staffordshire bull terrier crossed with an english bull mastiff. He is a big dog who before His training with the dog whisperer, was really ruling Our house! Through the training with a collar, a clicker, recall training, body language, positive energy, specific knowledge & a raw meat diet, He has become the most beautiful & wonderful dog to be around. Its a pleasure to take Him for a walk now, whereas before He was walking Me! I cant reccommend this lady enough, several of My friends have seen Her & they have been happy too. It makes You feel alot more confident with Your pet. I have also used Her services in socialising Ronnie with other dogs in My family & it really has been invaluable. She stays as long as She is needed & You dont feel that You are watching the clock. I cannot applaud this service any higher. Fantastic value & amazing service.
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    Jackie Corbin on 04 Jan 2011
    My mum saw an article on this lady in the Echo in February 2009. I was having trouble with my rescue border collie - viscious with other dogs and now biting me, my partner and my mum. I'd never have given up on Taz, but thought to give this a try (Cesar Milan/Mick Martin fan here.) Oh boy, does this lady know what she is doing! The minute Taz saw her he knew he'd met his match. Today I have the lovely level headed friend I needed, and if there is any trouble I can handle it calmly, you see, the most important thing I learnt from Marcelle is that I was actually causing the problem! How right she was. For anyone with a problem dog, this is the lady for you. For any new dog owner wishing to get it right from day one - this is the lady for you. And, if you can get your dog to eat what she recommends, my vet has just confirmed he approves it 100%. Think - who opened the tin or cooked the meat 1000 years ago lol! When I think how it would be if I hadn't met her - well lets just say I am so glad that I did. Through her I have been able to help other people as well. I would never have believed that I could walk my brute off the lead most afternoons with two alsations, and not have any trouble! Having had two borders before, I thought I knew it all, what a shock I had when Taz came home with me! When I met Marcelle I realised I was just damned lucky with the other two, and I know for sure now that Marcelle's way is the only way if you want a normal balanced canine friend. Highly recommended and now a life long friend! Jackie
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    Jean on 25 Nov 2010
    I have had the most amazing advice from the Poole and Bournemouth Dog Whisperer, not only help with a nervous dog but advice on all aspects of dog ownership and care.
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    Heather on 08 Nov 2010
    The Poole and Bournemouth Dog Whisperer came to our home, assessed our dog's behaviour and cured it. Absolutely fantastic help and advice from this amazing professional.Excellent value for money too. I cannot recommend this trainer highly enough; the Poole and Bournemouth Dog Whisperer is 'simply the best'.

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